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NAW 2024: Camilla Zingone’s Story

Updated: Jun 24

In National Apprenticeship Week 2024, our apprentice administrator, Camilla Zingone, discusses her journey so far and how she’s developing skills for life.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Before working as an apprentice at Vale Southern Construction, I was studying Business Level 3 at college. I decided to do an apprenticeship because when you’re working as you’re learning, you can acquire new skills, gain more confidence, and get a lot of practical experience – and that’s essential to your future as you’ll need these skills in any job.

While working in Vale Southern’s head office as a receptionist, my apprenticeship will lead me to getting a level 3 business administrator qualification. 

What responsibilities do you have at Vale Southern / what is a typical day like?

My main jobs and responsibilities are to answer the switchboard and manage any visitors, set up new accounts onto our system and update supplier’s and subcontractor’s insurances as well as dealing with general emails.

I print drawings and photocopy documents when required and I’m responsible for the general filing of documents for different contracts. I also buy general office/site items, raise purchase orders for sites and make purchase ledger card payments. 

My other main role is to support the estimating and surveying teams, and to learn how the business works.

What are you enjoying most about your role?

I’m supported by everyone I work with, and they all take their time to teach and train me in the different areas of the job.  In terms of the day-to-day work, I enjoy raising orders and setting up new accounts on our system.

What would you say to others thinking about a similar apprenticeship?

If someone wanted to do an apprenticeship like mine, they should go for it.  It helps to increase your confidence as you get the chance to meet and greet office visitors, which also helps to develop your people skills. If you’re considering a role in a busy office, you will also gain valuable experience of working in that environment.


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