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Nessus Street

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This was the demolition of the existing Buckland Family Centre including the removal of all substructures and the construction of a new building to house two 5 bedroom bungalows and two 2 bedroom bungalows, to provide supported living accommodation.

The existing building was a single storey building of traditional construction with a gross internal floor area of approximately 500m2. The construction of two 5 bedroom bungalows provided supported living accommodation which included kitchen, dining room, lounge and circulation areas.  Each bedroom had en-suite bath or shower facilities. Two 1 bedroom annexes provided living room/kitchen, bedroom and en-suite wet room facilities and storeroom.

The project was constructed in a constrained populated residential area. Before works commenced we ensured the local community was briefed and informed of the impending works. We continued to issue updates as the project progressed and offered the opportunity for the local community to make known any concerns or suggestions they had to improve the impact of the works. Delivery times were altered to avoid school arrival and collection times. The project was subsequently completed without a complaint being received.


Portsmouth County Council


Portsmouth County Council


 Buckland, Portsmouth

Contract Period

30 Weeks


Contract Value


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