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Collaboration is key to the success of any construction project, ensuring all parties are working together to achieve common goals. By engaging with all stakeholders at the earliest opportunity, the design and management process can be streamlined, helping to boost efficiency.

When creating a bespoke new home, this way of working is particularly important. To meet the homeowner’s exact needs and expectations, a collaborative approach is essential from the design stage. A main contractor can bring valuable knowledge and insight to the table, helping to identify any potential issues and ensuring the project’s design and delivery is workable.

Effective communication, flexibility and experience are all vital to successful collaboration. Being open and honest about any challenges means they can be addressed from the outset. If any revisions are necessary, they can be discussed and agreed in conjunction with the architect, designer and homeowner before spades hit the ground. Not only does this reduce the risk of the project going over budget, but ensures the programme is kept on track.

Once construction begins, collaboration must continue. When building a bespoke home, there will inevitably some changes required along the way. Homeowners and their designers may wish to tweak the design or specification, for example. At the same time, many bespoke homes require specialist trades and materials, demanding a main contractor with the ability to communicate effectively with all parties and be certain everyone works cohesively.

Realising a vision

At Vale Southern, we have been working collaboratively with our clients for more than 30 years. We have forged strong relationships with architects and consultants that specialise in bespoke residential projects, becoming an integral part of the team.

Every project is unique and brings its own challenges, but thanks to effective partnership working, these can be swiftly overcome, enabling stunning new homes to be completed that satisfy all expectations.

Over the last year, our work has included the construction of a £2.5m family home on the Isle of Wight. Here, we worked in partnership with architects, Mitchell Evans, and the homeowner to create a unique and sustainable design combined with luxury living.

Despite restrictions and challenges caused by the pandemic, the project was delivered on programme and within budget. Speaking about their experience with Vale Southern, the homeowner said:

"Throughout the build, Vale Southern accommodated our frequent visits and suggestions. We love the detailed, intricate work that went into critical internal features such as the balcony and stairs. Externally, the strength and solid build of the buttresses and walls was just what we wanted. Overall, this is our perfect retirement home."

In Surrey, we helped another homeowner create a stunning new interior for a nine-bedroom custom built home. On site for 28 weeks, we constructed the internal walls, ceilings, flooring and decorations throughout the property, which comprises more than 8,000 sq ft of living space across three floors.

Collaboration was vital as we took over the works from another contractor, demanding a seamless handover. The project then saw us partner with the architect as well as an interior designer for the rest of the programme, ensuring a range of internal finishes met the brief and overseeing the supply and installation of furniture, soft landscaping and trees.

The homeowner appreciated our flexible approach and commented:

“Vale Southern is dedicated to quality and they listen and respond to client needs. We built the house as a family so there were multiple decision makers, and we didn't always agree! Vale were patient and constructive in working with us. They go above and beyond in meeting unusual briefs, responding to client requests and providing guidance on how best to manage a new build project in the round. Would highly recommend them for your building project.”

Whether your vision is to create a new home from scratch or alter an existing property, collaborative thinking and working must be part of the mix. Finding partners with the experience, skills and flexibility to accommodate your needs will smooth the path towards a home that ticks all the right boxes.


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