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March 11, 2011
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Woodman Arms

The Woodman Arms, in Hammerpot near Worthing, was a very popular pub in this small community. It 2003 it was destoyed by fire.

[pullquote_left][/pullquote_left]There was enough of the building left to ascertain the original shape and footprint of the building and enough photos to help in the recreation of this fine looking thatched roof and flint building.

The instruction was to reconstruct the building as near to the original state as possible. We managed as a team to collate the information required and incorporate modern building methods and regulations to meet the local conditions set by the Conservation Officer and Building Control.

[pullquote_right][/pullquote_right]The thatched roof proved to be an interesting experience as this needed to meet some very stringent fire protection requirements.

Once the main structure of the building was near to completion, we were able to continue with the fit-out. The internal design was more traditional and was restored to a state as close to the original as possible. Green oak beams were installed and cladding to structural beams were also in green oak. We retained the main fireplace after intensive structural work to support some of the inglenook features.

A fully-equipped kitchen was also installed, together with a 3-bedroom managers accommodation.

The pub is once again the centre of the local community and a popular restaurant and meeting place.